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How to use an electronic sphygmomanometer?

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How to use an electronic sphygmomanometer

1. Correct posture when measuring blood pressure, keep your mind and muscles in a relaxed state, do not speak or exercise during measurement;

2. Rest to a quiet state for at least 10 minutes after doing strenuous activities;

3. The height of the cuff should be at the same level as the height of the heart. When measuring, the arm should be exposed. If you wear a thick top, do not roll up the long sleeves when measuring, take off the top, and only wear close-fitting thin clothes for measurement;

4. The interval between two blood pressure measurements should not be less than 3 minutes, and the location and body position should be fixed. Generally, the blood pressure should be measured once a day in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, the measurement should be taken within 1 hour after getting up, after emptying the urine, having breakfast and taking a drop of clothes. Before pressing the medicine, the measurement at night is set before going to bed.

The advantages of the electronic sphygmomanometer are fast, convenient and intuitive, but the accuracy is worse than that of the mercury sphygmomanometer.

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