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How to use the Omron Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor?

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Omron electronic blood pressure monitor accessories are: machine, power adapter and armband.

The correct use of its blood pressure monitor power adapter is as follows:
1. In the first step, the tester needs to relax the body and wear the cuff. After 5 minutes of relaxation, try to choose a quiet environment for measurement. Tie the cuff roll 1 cm to 2 cm above the elbow joint, with the palm facing up, the rubber tube is straight and parallel to the palm, pull the end of the cuff outward, and fix it on the outside of the cuff with Velcro , the roll is tied firmly, and it is advisable to insert a finger.

2. In the second step, press the start key to start automatic measurement. You need to adjust your sitting posture, put your palms up, and keep your palms and your chest on the same level, then press the start button, the machine will automatically pressurize, and gradually display the value, you need to keep quiet, relax your body, and don’t talk and talk during the process. move.

3. The third step is to read the value, then record it, and shut down after recording. After the measurement is over, the LCD screen will display the measured value, including high pressure, low pressure and pulse. After the test, you can record the measured value and compare it with the last measured value to understand your body. change of situation

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